Friday, December 28, 2012

corporations as people, inverted

As much as I despise the twisted legal construct of 'corporations as people' I think the way to unravel its tortuous nature is to push though cases that emphasize equal protection under the law.

Among these would be an abundance of test cases that expose corporations' tax breaks.

If corporations are people, they should pay tax on gross income, not only on their profit!

Alternately, why not have individuals and families be treated equally with corporations and be able to subtract many more expenses before paying tax on what is left of the income at end of year?

...not bloody likely!

In pushing for correction of this invidious policy of corporations as people, I don't share the libertarian-wrap-around-to-liberal view (ouch) of selective payment of taxes for favored causes, which circumvents the legislative process of hammering out compromise which keeps "We the People" as at least a semi-functional aggregate, "We."

As for how this has anything to do with planning ahead/ Planting Ahead, consider that fossil fuel corporations have exploited enormous tax breaks and tax subsidies and can load lobbying efforts with astounding amounts of money.  They have bought or bullied Congress into quivering dysfunction when Congress should be facing the compelling matter of climate change.

Corporate tax exemptions threaten our ability to protect ourselves through our democratic/federal deliberative process.

There must be more to say.. .....indignation and outrage.

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