Monday, December 7, 2015

Talking with Quakers about Climate Change

by Joan Savage

Yesterday I facilitated a discussion with a small group, mostly Quakers, about Climate Change.
When I asked them what word or two first came to mind,  the answers were as diverse as: oceans, political action, controversy, population, education, solar, and living beings.

Here below is an outline I distributed at the beginning to help the group start.
I deliberately went lightly on the stunning amount of evidence, which as you can see, I subordinated to "Have we done our 'homework'?"


Do we speak 

Love to fear? 
Truth to power? 

Have we done what we can and are we ready?
Have we done our ‘homework’?
Prudent preparation for environmental instability.
Drought/deluge; internal migrants and refugees.
Food instability and/or scarcity.
Press for sustainable energy sources and use.
Fair and democracy-compatible energy use;
due decision process among peoples and countries.

Who speaks for you, and for us? 

How do Friends see climate change in terms of 
National security/ global security?
Climate change is called the “threat multiplier.”

What canst thou say? 

Where can you - and the Meeting - do the MOST good in combatting climate change?

Can you educate those around you?
Can you help eliminate atmospheric pollution?
Can you prepare your family and community?
Can you call for wise policies?

Time is growing short

Are You Ready?

We cherish the living earth, our bountiful home.