Sunday, August 18, 2013

Off Topic - civic duty - shots fired

Yesterday evening there were shots fired somewhere in the city. I could hear them,  though they weren't close. Three, several minutes, two, a few minutes, two, a few minutes, two.

A family member was not happy that I didn't call the police. I'd called a few years ago when I thought I heard gun shots, but by the time the officers arrived, there was only an approximation about from what direction, much less a house location.

This time, I let it go, and the next day, today, went through the news reports to see what had transpired. Nothing in the press.

I had promised my family I'd call the non-emergency number and ask about what to do next time.

When I did, I explained I hadn't wanted to tie up 911 with an unnecessary call when I wasn't near an event.
Of course I was told I should have called, always call,  but the officer seemed in a hurry to wrap up the conversation, because he had other calls waiting.

The so-called non-emergency number was overloaded.

When I feel like it is not worth it to call the police about gunshots at a distance, what does that mean?

That I came to my senses, or lost them...

What it seems to mean to me is that I'd like to be living in a sleepy town where so little is happening that the officer on duty has time to discuss the previous evening's gunshots.

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