Thursday, January 10, 2013

watts and happiness?

Can I decrease my net demand for joules (or fossil fuels) while increasing quality of life?  About ten years ago I switched to buying electricity generated by wind and small hydro, but I like to conserve on watts, too.

Conservation and efficiency - what could it look like? Practically.

I can imagine an awesome next-generation insulation on the home, cutting down on both heating and cooling, while having good air flow. Or a smaller home altogether.  Pie in the sky for now, but still a real option.
Less fossil fuel could obviously mean living where I can walk to more activities, or use public transport.

Quality of life measures surely include health, food, fresh air, green space...communications with and for family, friends and work. 

Seems like I could be happy with even fewer joules of energy.
As long as the insulation works!

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