Monday, October 22, 2012

what a candidate's religious eschatology could do to policy

Romney's LDS  religion has a view that "earth shall be given unto them for an inheritance," so his intent to privatize public lands to redirect resources to a few is completely consistent with the rather supple expectation that it could be a divine outcome.

LDS writings:

This reminds me that Reagan turned out to be someone who really believed we were headed forthwith for Armageddon, so to him the ludicrously expensive Star Wars initiative seemed reasonable.

Because of the separation of Church and State, political campaigns do not develop explicit information on a  candidate's world view, or eschatology, yet it might tell us something useful, such as the hindsight about Reagan.

Putting righteousness onto exploitation is consistent with Romney's religious background as well as pleasing his financial supporters, but don't expect the press to tackle the thorny subject of religious belief.

If someone expects the end times to arrive before too long, there's little reason to conserve resources for as long as a  century, much less for another millennium.

Personally I'd like to think humanity could calm down, act more responsible, and inhabit the planet for at least as long as we've already been conscious of our own identity to date, in the range of 100,000 years. In which case, leave the carbon in the ground, and grow plants.

Planting ahead..

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