Wednesday, September 26, 2012

metastasis of consequences, Arctic ice melt

 We need to be alert to a metastasis of consequences to humankind and all else, as Arctic ice melt proceeds.

Cross-post of comment I put on Joe Romm's blog.

The multi-year loss of old ice through the Fram Strait should get LOTS more attention.
Research papers in the past twenty years on thermohaline circulation show the importance of a seasonal flow of freshwater from melting ice in maintaining global ocean currents.
The gradual exhaustion of multi-year ice has delayed a metastasis of consequences, of which disrupted ocean currents would be one of those to have a big effect on humans.
It is boggling to imagine what disrupted currents could do, in conjunction with the effects on Jet Stream and mid-latitude weather as already described by Dr. Jennifer Francis.

Please also check my earlier post at Planting Ahead about thermohaline circulation.

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